Chapter 7

1. Note the use Fitzgerald makes of the weather as a background for
significant events. Point out examples in this chapter and in previous

2. Gatsby has made some changes in his lifestyle that so concerned
Nick that he went to check on him. What changes do you note? Why did
he make them?

3. Analyze daisy's attitude toward her child as evidenced in this chapter
and in Chapter 1. Is she a good mother? Explain why Gatsby looked "at
the child with surprise."

4. With whom does Tom talk on the telephone early in the chapter?
About what?

5. What startling discovery does Tom make shortly after lunch?

6. What does Gatsby mean when he says that Daisy's voice is "full of
money"? Why does Fitzgerald put those words in Gatsby's mouth and
not Nick's?

7. What arrangements are made regarding the passengers of each car
on the trip to the city? Why?

8. Eyes play a significant role in this chapter. Explain.

9. Explain Nick's statement parallelling Tom and Wilson, "...It occurred
to me that there was no difference between the men, in intelligence or
race, so profound as the difference between the sick and the well."
Refer to the text and explain what prompted Nick to say this.

10. What does Gatsby do that makes Nick want "to get up and slap him
on the back"? Why does Nick feel this way?

11. Does Daisy know what love is? Whom does she really love?

12. In what way is each of the major characters involved in the tragedy
that occurs at the end of this chapter?

13. Is there any significance in that fact that the day is Nick's birthday?

14. Why is it necessary for the author to introduce a new character,
Michaelis, at this point in the novel?

15. Explain what Nick means when he says, "...Suddenly I guessed at
the truth"?

16. At the end of Chapter 7 Nick observes Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy after
the accident. What conclusions does he reach?

17. Explain the last paragraph of Chapter 7.
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